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Sending someone a photo is great, but how often will they look at it? If you really want someone to get the most from a picture; stick it on their mug! Whether it’s a photo of the kids on the work tea mug, or that special someone on your evening hot chocolate mug, personalised mugs help you feel closer more often.

Our tips for creating the best photo mugs

It’s not just about the photo… it’s about the mug

If you want the recipient to get the most of their gift then you want them to actually use it, so choose the mug to suit them. When people started printing photos on mugs it was one square picture on a cheap white mug. Now you can get your photographs wrapped around, in collages, and on a wide range of mugs and flasks in a huge assortment of colours.
Check out all of our “best for photo mugs” list and see the range that each offer

… but really it’s mostly about the picture

So choose one that the recipient will love looking at day after day. Photo collage mugs can add additional interest by letting you include a number of photos, but a single larger image will generally have more impact.

Think about matching pairs – or even matching sets

Why not have his and hers photo mugs (with a picture of her for him, and him for her)? Or a set featuring a picture of one of your pets on each? You could even get clever and spread the photo across several mugs so that it only comes together when they are lined up.

Wrap around a panoramic photo

Panoramic photos are great on personalised mugs as they can wrap all the way around. Whilst it used to be difficult to create these pictures it is now easy using just a mobile phone and a cheap app (we love “pano” – available on both iPhone and Android, although Androids built in panoramic photo software is pretty good too). This works brilliantly on large group shots or landscapes.

Which way around?

Don’t forget to think about which way the image will face when the mug is in use. If your image wraps around then the right hand side of the image will face the drinker if they are right handed. The opposite is of course true for left handed mug users.

Want to wrap it around, but can’t find a panoramic image?

Don’t worry – just crop the image to the right shape. Just be careful that you don’t end up with an image that is too small.

Best for photo mugs

We recommend Snapfish for Photo mugs

Mugs from £7.99

Best for photo mugs

As well as the standard photo mug, Snapfish offer some more unusual choices including magic mugs, large coffee mugs & travel mugs!

Mugs from £7.99

Printerpix have some nice mug options. Choose a basic ceramic photo mug, create a collage mug, a magic heat sensitive mug or a tall late mug.

Mugs from £6.95

Cheapest for photo mugs

Mugs from £6.95

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