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Photo greetings cards can make a message so much more personal. Whether you are helping someone celebrate their birthday or anniversary, wishing a parent a happy fathers or mother’s day, or just letting someone know that you care, a photo card does it better. Photo greetings cards are the special cards that people keep forever and show that you care enough to make that extra effort.

Our tips for creating the best photo greeting cards

Match the picture to the occasion

Sending Christmas cards? Get the kids dressed up in reindeer ears and Santa hats early for a photo opportunity. Don’t forget the props either! For anniversary cards find a romantic holiday photo, or why not something from your wedding album?

Choose your card format

Photo greetings cards come in all shapes and sizes. Small and square to large and tent fold. Consider both the size you are looking for and also shape that will work best with your chosen picture.

Frames, borders and effects

Different photo printing services offer different options here, but many allow you to choose from ‘frames’ appropriate to the occasion. For Christmas cards you might have holly and mistletoe and confetti for wedding thank you cards. Be sure to check out all the “best for…” list to see all the options.

Greetings cards are not just for Christmas

Christmas is the most popular time for personalised photo greetings cards as you can use one design to delight all of your friends and family. However birthdays, anniversaries, moving home, new baby, graduation, new job the opportunities are endless. In fact, who needs an excuse when a photo card that simply says “I miss you” can mean so much?

Keep it simple

Greetings cards are most often viewed from a distance (for instance, on a mantle piece across a room). For greatest impact choose something clear, bold and uncomplicated. You can always crop out unwanted detail or even do a little photo editing before hand.

Do a trial run

About to order 200 Christmas cards for all your friends and family? If you have time get a single card printed first to see how it looks. You could always try a single card in different styles or from different companies to compare the best.

Best for photo greeting cards

We recommend Photo Box for Photo greeting cards

Greeting Cards from £1.50

Best for photo greeting cards

We like the wide range of cards and that Photobox offer and the fact that their templates make it easy to turn your photos in to great looking cards.

Greeting Cards from £1.50

In addition to all the usual templates, Snapfish offer favourite designs from Hallmark, such as forever friends, that you can personalise.

Greeting Cards from 75p

Cheapest for photo greeting cards

Greeting Cards from 19p

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