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Photo calendars are a great excuse to get your pictures up on the wall (be it your wall or someone elseís) which is something that we just donít do enough in this digital age. Unlike a framed photo though a photo calendar is something that we interact with daily, keeping us in touch with those images. Both montage style and month by month calendars also give to you the chance to share more of your precious photos.

Our tips for creating the best photo calendars

Calendars arenít just for Christmas

Most people think of calendars around Christmas time ready for the start of the new year. However there is really no reason that your calendar has to start in January and several of the calendar printing companies now let you choose your starting month making them ideal gifts year round.

To theme or not to theme?

Having a running theme through the calendar can be fun, but does add to the work in organising all of the pictures. The idea of a calendar showing 12 places you have holidayed is good, but not if you can only find pictures of 11 of them.

Canít find the pictures? Do a shoot!

If you canít find 12 pictures that you want to use you can always take new ones. This can be great fun, particularly for couples and families creating some fun family portraits. Stock up on props and costumes, get a friend to take the pictures (so that you are all in them) and get snapping.

Remember your year

Fancy a theme, but arenít sure what? Digital photos (or even facebook) make it easy to find photos by date. Why not just pick a favourite from each month of your year and have those as the pages on next yearís calendar?

Personalise dates

Some calendar printing companies let you add your own dates before you print it (and if they donít then itís nothing that a bit of biro canít solve!). Adding important birthdays, anniversaries and personal dates (ď1 year since our first date!Ē) can make a gift that much more special.

Choose a format

Consider who the calendar is for and where it is likely to hang when choosing a format. Will they want the at-a-glance convenience of a poster calendar or need to space offered by a large month by month calendar to capture the details of a busy family life? With so many styles of calendar now available there is a match for every lifestyle.

Best for photo calendars

We recommend Snapfish for Photo calendars

Calendars from £10.99

Best for photo calendars

Snapfish have a good range of calendar size and format options, including some really affordable formats.

Calendars from £10.99 offer a spiral bound photo calendar at a variety of sizes. Build your calendar with their easy to use creation tool.

Calendars from £15.50

Cheapest for photo calendars

Calendars from £6.50

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