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Photo postcards and an affordable way to put your photos to work in a whole host of ways. Useful as invitations, thanks you cards, to send friends a quick update, change of address or just to make people smile, you are limited by nothing more than your imagination.

Our tips for creating the best photo postcards

Compare like to like

Postcards come in a range of sizes and finishes, so if you are using our “cheapest for postcards” option then be sure to check

Enjoy bulk discounts

Like most photo printing products, postcards get cheaper when you order more of the same design. If you are getting more than a handful printed be sure to check out at least a couple of our top providers to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Save your legs

Some of the companies listed will even address and post your photo postcards for you. How’s that for convenient? See out “best for…” recommendations.

Break for the border

Add a plain border and a caption to make a really stylish photo postcard, or a graphic border for something more fun.

Turn it around

Just because the back of the postcard is a wide rectangle, it doesn’t mean that you have to use landscape format pictures. Uploading a portrait photograph on it’s side (or upload it and rotate it on the website) can look great.

Best for photo postcards

We recommend Photo Box for Photo postcards

Postcards from £9.95

Best for photo postcards

We love the fact that photobox will even post the cards for you. This is great option for both the busy and the lazy!

Postcards from £9.95

Great prices and a couple of formats to choose from make Pixum a solid choice for batches of photo postcards.

Postcards from £7.99

Cheapest for photo postcards

Postcards from 30p

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