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There are few places you can put a photo that would make it be closer to hand than on a mouse mat. For anyone working at a computer all day a photo on a mouse mat can help lighten the day. For those playing on a computer all night the same mouse mat can be a good reminder of life away from the keyboard!

Our tips for creating the best photo mousemats

Single image or several

The most common photo mouse mats are a single image, but several companies allow you to have collage style mouse mats or arrange several images in a design. Even if the company you choose to use doesnít allow this, itís fairly easy to combine images in this way in any image editing software (you can even do it on most phones).

Donít forget: Itís a mouse mat!

The ultimate goal is that someone will be using your design as a mouse mat, so be sure that you are getting it printed on a mouse mat appropriate to the amount that the person is likely to use it. Check the size and that it has a non-slip base.
If it is likely to be used for long periods each day consider different finishes. We find that those with cloth tops become frayed and curl up around the edges very quickly on high-use computers.

Surprise a colleague with an embarrassing picture!

Mouse mats are cheap and easy to put together Ė making them a great novelty gift. Why not pick that most embarrassing picture of your friend from Facebook and have it waiting on a mouse mat on their desk? Better still, why not equip the whole office with them?

Borders and patterns

Add borders and templates to your mouse mat for eye-catching, fun effects and to brighten up pictures where the edges are not that interesting.

Add text

You can personalise your gift even further with a caption or message.

Best for photo mousemats

We recommend Pixum for Photo mousemats

Mousemats from £6.99

Best for photo mousemats

Being heavy mouse users, we like the premium mousepad option that Pixum offer. It only costs a few pennies moare than other mouse mats, but we found the the wear resistance plastic surface stayed looking great for longer.

Mousemats from £6.99

Cheapest for photo mousemats

Mousemats from £5.99

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