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Instagram Photo Tips

As anyone who owns a smart phone will be aware, Instagram is a relatively easy way to ‘funk’ up your bland looking photos by using a plethora of vintage and retro filters incorporated within the app.

As it continues to be the most popular photo editing software of its type, here are a few instagram photo tips and tricks you can employ to make your shots the best they can be.

Posted on: Mon 04 Mar, 2013 by Gary Dean

Square thinking

Before pressing the shutter take a moment to consider the framing of your subject. Instagram crops and works in squares and it would be a shame to chop off the most important aspect of your shot.

Take a second to think about the composition of your picture. Use your phone’s native camera mode to do a couple of test shots and then try and visualise how this will transfer when you upload to Instagram.

Once you’re happy with the shot it might then be an idea to rethink and reframe your point of interest as you could end up with a better shot. It always pays to experiment a little if you have time as results can vary.

Play around

Before uploading your shots to Instagram, import your photos into other photo editing apps, play around with the many features, and see what you can come up with.

Some photo editing suites offer users the chance to arrange multiple images into collages which can lend your pictures an extra dynamic that’s then perfect for the final Instagram touch.

Once you’re happy with the results transfer your images to Instagram and add your filters for the whole world to view.

Some filters are handy to make details in dark photos more visible, whereas other effects such as the focus button can help draw the eye to parts of the photo you want them to notice.

Filter layering

Layering up the filters you use is a great way of creating different effects for your shots. After completing one edit of your image save a screen shot and then reimport to add more filters.

The more you add, the greater the vibrancy your images will boast. By experimenting and repeating this process you could end up with something interesting and unique.

Combine photos

One funky little technique for achieving stunning Instagram results is combining multiple photos.

A scenario such as sharing a series of action photos in one image is a brilliantly creative way to use Instagram. Slap on a few filters and borders and you’ll have a cool end result.

Other ways of combining photos is having a close up and wide angle shot of the same subject matter next to each other. This technique is how to achieve a sense of perspective, but in a unique way, within the same shot.

Spend the time

Getting your photos just perfect takes time and unfortunately, pushing them to a high level will require even more patience while perfecting Instagram techniques.

If you want spectacular results then you’ll need to invest the time and effort in getting to know your Instagram software (and any other bits you use) to be able to achieve what you want. Knowing which effects deliver best results is how you’ll become efficient with the process and make your shots stand out in the stream.

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