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Photo Printing Questions

  • How do I get my photos online?
    As each site that we feature on here is different, then we can't provide detailed instructions on how you go about uploading your photos to their site. However, we have provided a score on ease of use for each site that is found on here. Take a look at our list of sites on our homepage, then click More Details to view our ratings on each site.

  • Why is it free?
    Providing a printing service online is very competitive, so each site that provides it has to try and beat the next and the best way is to offer a certain amount of free prints so you can try them out. If you like them, and their prices seem right to you, then once you have used up all you're free prints, you will have to start paying for them, going by whatever pricing plan they provide.

  • Why make this site?
    As there are so many different companies and sites offering printing services, we find it a bit confusing tracking down which ones are the cheapest and best, so we have put this site together to help you decide which ones to go for.

  • What sort of quality can I expect?
    All of the services featured here are professional quality as you would expect from taking your photos to your local photographic specialist. Actual quality of prints will depend on the quality of the image that you provide them with.

  • Isn't it cheaper to just get a photo printer?
    Usually, no. It obviously depends on how many prints you include on each order and how often you order, but our calculations are that most users are better off financially using an online photo printing service.
    If you really can't wait 72 hours for delivery then printing at home is probably the only option for you, but you are likely to be limited in the size of print you can produce as well as the quality obtained.

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