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Why settle for your photos on a greetings card when you can have them on the outside of the envelope too. Photo stamps make your greetings cards stand out as special from the moment they hit the doormat. Photo stamps have your image attached to a right and legal postal stamp, ensuring that cards and letters adorned with them travel swiftly through the system.

Our tips for creating the best photo stamps

Big and Bold

The stamps themselves are small (the height of a standard stamp), but printed in high resolution to keep things bright and clear. However being small they do work best with simple, bold photographs. Maybe save the big group shots for the card inside.

Landscape images only

The photo part of the stamp is printed in landscape (wide) format. For best results pick an image that is in the same proportions.

A matter of class

Photo stamps are available as both first and second class stamps. Either decide which you are going to use, or get a selection of both so that you have all bases covered.

Choose a design

Each photostamp comes in two parts: The photo part and the stamp part. For the photo part you can upload your own image. For the stamp part you choose from one of a number of preset designs (because they have to be approved stamps).

Keep it tasteful!

We’re sure you would anyway, but this is worth mentioning. Because these go through the post Royal Mail can refuse any images it things are offensive, political, rude or commercial.

Caution large loads

The stamps are suitable tender for normal letter post. They are not sufficient for the new large letter format.

Best for photo stamps

We recommend Snapfish for Photo stamps

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Best for photo stamps

The Snapfish website makes it really easy to design and order your photo stamps.

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Stamps from £9.99

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