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There is no doubting that people love their iPads, so why not make yours unique and design your own iPad case? Personalised iPad cases let you wrap your tablet in your cherished photos. These cases not only look fantastic, but help protect your tablet from bumps, scratches and sticky fingers. Theyíre lightweight and hard wearing making them as practical as they are beautiful.

Our tips for creating the best photo ipad cases

Wrap your iPad in an Instagram collage

Get double hipster points by encasing your iPad in a collage of your own instagram pictures. Use an app like diptic ( to quickly and easily combine your Instagram pictures in to one image then use that as the image for your personalised case for an amazing look.

Add text for ultimate personalisation

In case a photo cover isnít enough, you can also add text to really make your case your own.

Keep an eye on resolution

If you are going for a single image then ensure that you are using a high enough resolution to get a good crisp finish. Images uploaded from cameras should be fine, but some phones might struggle. The app warns you when this is an issue, so just donít ignore that if it happens otherwise your picture might look fuzzy.

Check it fits!

Original iPads have a slightly different layout of buttons and sockets, so might not fit some cases. Again, just check the instructions when you design your own iPad case for details.

Best for photo ipad cases

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Best for photo ipad cases

Photobox make is really easy to design your iPad case. Their site makes is really clear where the cut outs will be for each button or socket so that you can line up your photo accordingly.

iPad Cases from £36.99

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iPad Cases from £36.99

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