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Available in either lined or blank pages these 150 page note books make an ideal gift. Upload an image, choose what text you would like on the front and you can even add a message inside.

Our tips for creating the best photo notebooks

Give the notebook a purpose

A notebook with some pictures on the front is a nice gift. Something tailored to the person you are giving it to is more personal and more special. Here are some of our ideas for how you can turn a photo notebook in to a truly memorable gift:

  • Use summer holiday pictures to cover a back to school notebook
  • Give one as a recipe notebook to a keen baker Ė and adorn it with photos of their own creations
  • Use family photos to cover a notebook for a son of daughter off to university for the first time
  • Break out the soppiest pictures you have of yourself and a love one to give as a diary

Donít just limit yourself to photos

We call them photo notebooks, but you can actually create them with any image file. Break out your Photoshop skills to either add your own touches to photos, or create something original and fun before you upload.

Include a message

Most of the photo notebooks on offer through our partner sites allow you to add a personal message; either on the cover or inside it. If that isnít quite right then why not use something like Photoshop to add your own image to the photo before uploading it?

Check out all the templates

When you create your photo notebook you will be presented with a number of templates. All of the partner companies have their own collections of templates, from fun to serious, romantic to practical. Templates are a great way of easily making your creations look really professional Ė you just add your own photos. If you donít see a template you like at the first site you visit then shop around Ė they really do vary from site to site.

Best for photo notebooks

We recommend Pixum for Photo notebooks

Notebooks from £14.99

Best for photo notebooks

Pixum's notebook creator is so quick and easy to use that making a top quality A4 photo notebooks through their site couldnít be easier.

Notebooks from £14.99

We love the choice of stylish and fun templates from Photobox. Their notebooks are great value too.

Notebooks from £4.97

Cheapest for photo notebooks

Notebooks from £4.97

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