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Customised Birthday Photo Gifts

They happen once a year, every year! Birthdays are a time to celebrate family, friends and even pets' time on planet Earth. With a range of customised birthday gifts and ideas, it's never been easier to find something that fits the personality of the recipient.

Customised Birthday photo gift Greeting Cards

Customised Birthday Cards

Firstly (and the obvious one) is getting the birthday card sorted. With a plethora of customised birthday cards available you’ll be sure to find something that suits that special someone. Start by uploading an apt image - which can be anything related, not just a photo of them. It could be their favourite place, sport, movie theme or whatever else you decide - just make it personal. Once you’ve got that part sorted then you can play around with the visuals by choosing borders, effects and personalised text to change the feel of the card.


Customised Birthday photo gift T-Shirts

Photo T-shirts

Customised printed T-shirts for the birthday boy or girl are a great idea for a personalised gift. Choose the appropriate photograph, upload and get designing! You may also wish to get customised T-Shirts printed for a whole group of you, to wear on the town when out celebrating the forthcoming evening. Pick a t–shirt colour that's close to the background of the image to avoid that 'stuck on' look. Cropping your shot for impact is also another neat little trick to help maximise your design.


Customised Birthday photo gift iPad Cases

Personalised iPad cases

In a world where tech is on everyone's minds, tablets are latest 'must have' gadget with a number of handy uses. If this is the case (pun intended!), then why not get them a personalised iPad cover? You can make said gift even more personal by using their Instagram or Facebook photos to design an iPad collage.


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