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Personalised Christmas Photo Gifts

Christmas happens but once a year and in amongst the usual techno gadgets, toys and other desirable presents it should be a time to think of something that actually has a shelf life longer than just Christmas Day. Although not as grandiose as the latest touch tablet or Ďmust haveí toy, a customised Christmas gift will be something with more longevity, a bucket load of thought and ultimately a greater personal touch. Here are a few suggestions of personalised Christmas photo gifts to help make your decision a little easier.

Personalised Christmas photo gift Greeting Cards

Personalised Christmas Cards

Sending a Christmas card is something thatís been done for hundreds of years. Acknowledging your loved ones, or those closest, during the festive period is a long established tradition that harks back to the 1800s. Nowadays cards of all shapes, sizes, colours and styles are available Ė so much so that they seem to have lost a degree of impact.

The way to regain this thoughtful sentiment is to use an image and design thatís thoughtful and linked to the recipient. Adding borders, text and customising your colour options keeps your creation on point and in keeping with the time of year.

Including a familiar image gives your customised Christmas card an exclusive feel and makes it something that people will want to keep hold of for posterity. When designing your card, remember to keep the colours bold, but not garish, and the design uncluttered. Cards are usually observed from afar and a confused scene will turn people off. Simple is always the best route to take.


Personalised Christmas photo gift Stamps

Christmas Stamps

Just as with Christmas cards, stamps can also be personalised to reflect the time of year and an individualís personality. In many ways a personalised stamp is more valuable than anything else over the course of a few years.

The idea though isnít to come up with something thatís timeless and will turn a profit. The point of any well thought out gift is to show affection. Just because a stamp is small doesnít mean itís any less heartfelt.

When designing your stamp make sure that itís a simple layout as too confused an image will lessen the impact. If possible use a bold photo and make sure your masterpiece is tasteful. As these go through the postal system itís worth keeping in mind that others will see your creation. Lastly, your photo stamp will need to be in landscape format only. Portrait images arenít really suitable.


Personalised Christmas photo gift Calendars

2014 Photo Calendars

Calendars are an easy way to extend the shelf life of your personalised Christmas gift. By their very nature they will last through the entire year. By customising your design and adding your own personal images, the sentiment will be leant more feeling.

Each month the recipient will get to unveil a new image that has some personal meaning. They could be family orientated shots, the story of someoneís life or any other subject matter.

If youíre thinking of designing a 2014 photo calendar then itís worth considering each month and trying to tie in the images you choose. For instance it might look a little odd having a photo with snow for the month of August.

Whatever design you come up with, try and keep it simple but eye catching. And if possible, keep in mind that a gift such as this will most likely be held onto.


Personalised Christmas photo gift Notebooks

Photo Notebooks

Notebooks are great as theyíre both usable and personal when adorned with images and pictures that hold meaning to the recipient.

If you can, highlighting a purpose for the picture notebook is what will truly set it apart as a well-conceived Christmas gift idea. If you want to keep it on topic then you can always decorate the cover with seasonal images.

Donít forget you can always amend and alter your design in Photoshop before uploading it to your chosen photo printing site.


Personalised Christmas photo gift Mugs

Photo Mugs

A popular photo print keepsake and one which fits neatly in with a Christmas and/or wintry theme is a photo mug. What better gift than having a personís favourite image on an item thatís used on a regular basis.

Christmas scenes can lend themselves perfectly to panoramic shots and with a mug you can design the cup to have a wraparound image which makes for a more interesting gift. If youíre feeling really creative you could choose a number of photos and design a photo mug set Ė great for telling a story based on a life event.

Whatever Christmas photo gift you plump for make sure you personalise it to give it that bit more appeal. Creating something appealing is easy as long as you stick to the tips suggested in each section on


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